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Apple Keynote is just 3 hours away. How to not miss it?

Oct 3rd, 2021

This is the second time Apple is hosting the keynote in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Now it's easier than ever to watch the keynote online.

What did Apple Reveal during their September 2020 Keynote? We summarised.

Oct 3rd, 2021

We watched the event with you and we summarised the most important takeaways.

How to Install Windows 10 on your Unsupported Mac machine - a Full Guide

Dec 11th, 2021

It's true that there are some system requirements which you need to meed in order to make the installation possible. We have removed them so you too can install Windows 10!

The Bluetooth Speaker which can draw Pixel Arts - An honest review.

Oct 25th, 2021

Take a look at the Divoom Retro Pixel art and see what it provides. See how you can earn up to 22% discount!

Remove your Device from your Microsoft Account - Quick Guide

Nov 2nd, 2021

Connecting your Microsoft account with your device, gives permission to Microsoft to access your device. What if you don't want that?

Add your Device from your Microsoft Account - Quick Guide

Nov 2nd, 2021

If you device is not connected to your Microsoft account, then it can be a serious risk. For example, Having your PC connected to your account allows you to reset your password without data loss.

How to Disable (and Re-enable) System Integrity Protection (SIP) on Mac easily

Nov 2nd, 2021

Initially, introduced for Mac OS X El Capital back in 2015 as a protection measure to prevent changing root-level files (files belonging to your system) permissions, it's very easy to disable.

The New Cryptocurrency which you can mine from your phone without worrying about battery life.

Oct 3rd, 2021

When you hear about cryptocurrency mining you will imagine big mining farms spending lots of electricity and energy to produce a single Bitcoin. Right?

Covid Vaccine Tracker Map: More and More Countries are Receiving Vaccine Doses

Oct 3rd, 2021

More than 1.5 Billion people have been vaccinated with the leading Vaccine providers. We set up an interactive Vaccinations Map for you. How many vaccination have been done per country so far?

Apple Lawsuit - Broken Down into Details

Oct 3rd, 2021

Apple had significant misconduct as can be seen in the legal consequences. This page will cover Apple's professional behaviour and look at what ethics Apple broke regarding the slowdown.

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